Eisebaum Featured in Austin Partners in Education E-Newsletter

Posted September 26, 2011 in Member News

A quote from the article featuring our very own LaDonna Eisenbaum:

After almost a decade working with people with dementia and their families, Ladonna Eisenbaum decided to try something on the other end of the service spectrum. “I wanted to go from end-of-life service to something closer to the beginning. That’s when I started volunteering as a Classroom Coach,” she recalls.  ”If you teach children to read it benefits them not only in school, but through their entire lives.”

Eisenbaum’s newly published book, Jill’s Journey: A Victory over the “R” Word, is mentioned in the article, as well. Click HERE to read all about it.

Well done, LaDonna! Your ASCBWI family is very proud of you!