Kick It Up a Notch Add-Ons

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You can also purchase to sign up for extra add-ons (limited spaces for all):

Author's Critique - $40.00

10-minute consultation with the Agent, Editor, or Accomplished Writer of your choice assigned on a first-come, first-served basis based on the date of your registration. Review the Faculty Bio booklet to discover the professional who best suits your genre.

Portfolio Reviews - $40.00

Illustrators have the option to reserve a scheduled time slot with E.B. Lewis, agent Rubin Pfeffer, or editor Neal Porter in a private, one-on-one session.

Portfolio Display - $5.00

For your reservation fee, a note card with your name will mark the designated space for your portfolio placement in the showcase. In addition, your name and contact information will be part of a  list which will be given to our Esteemed Guests as reference.

First Page or Illustration for Presentation during the First Impressions Panel - $15.00

The First Impressions Panel is an instructional session in which our agents and editors will publically pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of a piece of writing or an illustration. During this session first pages of prose will be read or an illustration will be projected and our professionals will openly comment on these creative works.

Casual Conversations Sessions with Agents and Editors - $20.00

On the following page entitled Conference Schedule, highlighted in blue are two small group sessions designed to be more intimate, allowing for a freer, conversational presentation. The topics range from craft based to business related. Space in these intensives is limited. Only participants who have paid upon registration may attend.

Full-day Illustrator/Author Intensive Session with illustrator E.B. Lewis and Editor Tamra Tuller - $100.00

Registered conference attendees may reserve a spot for a full day Illustrator/Author intensive as the amazing illustrator E.B. Lewis demonstrates technique in the morning followed by the talented Editor Tamra Tuller as she speaks on the topic of Voice in the afternoon. As a bonus, our celebrated agents and editors will be joining us to listen to the Oral Reading Showcase to be followed with a little bit of shop talk. Not only will this day be informative, inspirational, and great fun, you’ll have yet another opportunity to interface with our esteemed guests. Kick it up with us, won’t you?

Full-Day Intensive Oral Reading Showcase: $15

Intensive participants have the option to participate in the Oral Reading Showcase by purchasing a time slot in which they may read a portion of their work in progress aloud. Editors and agents will have a list of those who are participating to refer to while pieces are being read.

Manuscript Submission Criteria

  • Submit no more than 10 pages of your finest double-spaced, error-free, professionally formatted work.
  • Submission MUST be post-marked by December 19, 2012
  • Mail submissions to: ASCWBI Conference Manuscript Submission attn. Debbie Gonzales 4393 Waters Rd. Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Portfolio Display

To participate in the portfolio display and contest bring a portfolio that measures a maximum of 30 inches width and a fistful of business cards or postcards to be on display. Your portfolio will be placed on a table with others to be viewed openly by conference attendees and our esteemed professional guests. Not only will you have the opportunity to win prizes and impress the crowd, you just might get noticed and land a contract! It’s happened before. It could happen again…to YOU!