Live Roulette vs RNG— Upsides and Downsides You Probably Didn’t Know

The addition of live dealers to popular online casinos games like baccarat, roulette and blackjack has caused a considerable buzz in the online gambling world. While live dealers aren’t a thing for every online casino out there, there are a bunch of online casinos now that extend this feature to their players.

There are a number of reasons that live dealers are being sought out by online gamblers. For instance, a lot of those that play at online casinos are those who used to play at traditional casino settings, many of these people miss the interactions that are generally present between a casino player and dealer in brick and mortar casinos.

Many players also like being able to watch the games as they take place. Some feel more assured that the games are indeed more realistic since they can see them as they unfold in real-time.

One could not help but question though with all these advantages that a live dealer online casino offers, why would people even choose to play roulette via RNG? One reason that RNG holds a certain appeal among online gamblers is the fact that it is widely used in a variety of online roulette variants.

While it is true that live dealer casinos offer a more realistic variant to online roulette, it is also a fact that they are not as widespread. Since it is a fairly new development in the world of online gambling, it is easy to see that it may not be as readily accessible to every single online player.

Another variation to the game is the Mini Roulette. Mainly aimed at new players, it allows newbies of the many nuances and intricacies of making a wager at a roulette table. The game’s layout very much resembles that of the European Roulette with the difference being there will only 50% of the numbers that will be on the board.

Considering how the wheel has fewer numbers, the table will also only reflect three columns— replete with four number rows that are reflected on your table. In this setup, it will be easier to develop a player’s tactics.

Some RNG games that you’ll find online, such as the Three Wheel Roulette, will offer triple the action offered by European Roulette. There’s also the Premier Roulette Gold that makes it possible for you to get the bet and table layouts customized in accordance with your favorites and preferences.

Over time, the roulette software has seen some considerable changes and evolutions, to better reflect the needs and preferences of online gamblers. With players constantly looking for ways that they can replicate their experiences when gambling at traditional brick and mortar casinos when they play online, it is only a matter of time before online casinos will have their current software swapped with something more realistic and fun to cater to their players’ needs.